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Dan Glynn ~ Firewalking Instructor


Dan Glynn is a practicing yogi and self-taught, internationally recognized firewalking facilitator. With 30 years of experience, he has performed hundreds of firewalks. Residing in Niantic, CT, where he holds firewalks open to the public, Dan has taught people all over the world how to walk on fire and connect with their core being. He has guided dozens of first-time walkers and experts alike through the ancient art of firewalking.

Traveling throughout the world he has facilitated firewalks in Bali, Canada, Sedona, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. He has performed several long-distance firewalks measuring between 150 and 400 continuously without stepping off the coals. Having begun formal yoga practice in February 2009, Dan saw an immediate connection between the ancient art forms of firewalking and yoga: self-discipline, self-surrender, and calmness of mind.

Dan first saw firewalking on TV as a child and was amazed human beings could immerse themselves in fire and not get burned. This fascination continued until, at the age of 25, he performed his first firewalk ever on the sand dunes in Cape Cod in 1983. With no prior instruction on how to do it, he carried 2 bags of Kingsford charcoal briquettes a mile out onto the beach (do not try this at home or at the beach briquettes are not recommended for firewalking and sand is not recommended as a substrate). With no instruction, no help, no companions, heart pounding, he took 2 quick steps over the coals. Success! Those 2 steps began a journey of walking on fire that has lasted to this day.


In 2006, Dan was invited by then World Record Holder for the longest firewalk, Amanda Dennison, to be on her fire-tending team when she attempted to break her own long-distance record. That night Dan firewalked the 150 long firepit one-way with not a single burn.

On October 17, 2009, Dan recorded his longest personal firewalk ever: 400 by crossing a 50 long firepit 8 times continuously without stepping off. His 4 walks that evening totaled 750. These were over distances measuring 75, 75, 200, and 400 each.

On November 7, 2010, Dan partnered with yoga / firewalk instructor Cat Kabira to teach 23 people how to walk on fire, glass and nails at his Niantic home. The event was so successful that Cat invited Dan to Bali to facilitate additional firewalks.

Dan constructed and performed 5 separate firewalks in Bali in July 2011. Two of these were tests comparing coconut to coffee wood as a fuel for the fires. Firewalks were conducted for the yoga teacher training graduation ceremony on July 7 and another firewalk was performed July 9 which was open to the public